There were 3.9 million Visits from the USA to the UK in 2017, a 13% increase from 2016, the highest since 2000. This equated to a 9% upsurge in USA visitor spending, reaching record levels in 2017 at £3.6 billion (around $4.7 billion USD). USA remains the UK’s most valuable market for international tourism spend.

Vacation results continue to lead for the American market as the key driver for volume of visits. This segment has shown strong growth since 2013, resulting in 1.8 million vacations from the USA in the UK in 2017 (+17% compared to 2016).

Globally, the UK welcomed a record 39.2 million overseas visits in 2017, up 4% on 2016. Inbound visitors overall to the UK spent a record £24.5 billion (around $31.6 billion USD) in 2017, a 9% increase compared to 2016.


To continue driving further international visitation to the UK, VisitBritain this year launched the campaign ‘I Travel For…’ aligning the passions that motivate people to travel with experiences that can only be had in Britain.

VisitBritain looks to shine the spotlight on unexpected experiences and less-explored destinations in Britain, together with its renowned landmarks and attractions to entice international visitors to book a trip right now.

VisitBritain Executive Vice President – The Americas, Gavin Landry, said:

“This impactful increase in visits highlights the success of our proactive efforts in the USA to inspire, encourage and re-engage more visitors to travel to Great Britain from our US market.

Through strategic in-market activity, our goal is to continue to sustain this excellent growth and boosting economic development by showcasing what Britain has to offer.

With a particular focus on highlighting both iconic and unexpected experiences that can be found in our eclectic cities, countryside’s and coastal villages, we want to ensure Britain stays top-of-mind for American audiences in a fast-growing global tourism industry.

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