GuideAdvisor: Get to Know a Destination with the Right Local Guide

Your GuideAdvisor for New Orleans.
Glenn will show you the real New Orleans–find him on GuideAdvisor.


Take advantage of the knowledgable and passionate guides across the globe with GuideAdvisor. With 10,188 tours listed in 2,188 destinations with over 8,000 tour guides to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a local guide just about anywhere you’re traveling to.

GuideAdvisor’s platform is based around the traveler, helping to create the most perfect experience possible. “The most important part of GuideAdvisor is connecting the traveler and the guide. We put the traveler directly into contact with the guide so they can tailor the trip just the way they like,” said CEO Susan McCarthy.

Launched in 2013, the company lists 119 countries on its easy-to-navigate website. Each guide creates a profile with their bio, photo, company name, trip locations and activities, guiding experience, favorite trips, licenses and certifications, reviews and a list of trips they offer.

Once you find a trip that interests you, GuideAdvisor provides links so that you can email the guide directly, launch the guide’s website, or navigate the guide’s booking engine via the Book Now link.

Take a polo lesson on a horse with Guide Charlene in the countryside of Buenos Aires, travel the French Quarter of New Orleans with Glenn De Villier, or experience the greater Brisbane, Australia from above on a helicopter tour with Captain Mike Jarvis – just a few of the thousands of trips available for any type of traveler.

McCarthy recalls her personal experience with a guide in Cambodia. The guide led her to his mother’s 90th birthday, a celebration in a monastery in the mountains for a monk. Without the guide, McCarthy would have never been a part of such inimitable festivities.

“There’s a stigma that is you use a guide, you’re not cool. But that’s not the case – guides can give you the most unique experience that you may have never had otherwise. Just look at mine!” she said.

Meet your next tour guide at GuideAdvisor, and together you can plan and create the one of a kind personalized trip you’ve been dreaming of.