Japan Is At the Top of Many Travel Bucket Lists

Why is Japan such an up and coming destination? We asked several women who visited Japan with Sights and Soul Travels about what they were hoping to experience on the trip and what it was like going there with Sights and Soul Travel.

Linda Pirard of Halifax, Nova Scotia, selected Sights and Soul for this trip because she had travelled with them before and found the quality of their trips perfect. “Good company, great hotels, good food, and very interesting experiences. I like to stay in only a couple of places and take day trips so that I do not feel I am living out of a suitcase. Also there is a perfect mixture

of group activities and time for individual activity. In addition, the small size of the group is important to the ability to see things in a more intimate way,” she said.

Japan was a bucket list destination for her, so who better than S&S to take her there. “I had never been to Japan before, but it was on my list of places to see.” Like all of Sights and Soul’s trips, their journey to Japan in October 2015 is open to women only.

A 12-person Group

But Pirard said that the trip’s itinerary would also work as well for couples, but restricting the group size to a dozen people might be more difficult and surely the group dynamics would change.

“Travelling with a group of women is really very relaxing,” Pirard said. And a group of just twelve is a lot more pleasant for many than a 40-person delegation in a huge motorcoach.

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