Useful Things to Pack That Will Come In Handy When You Travel

Here is a list of things that would make any trip more pleasant–clever things you probably didn’t realize you should pack

1. Products

Clear polish, Plain lip balm

Dab a bit of clear polish on the thread of a button that is threatening to come off. Use it as a sealant in a pinch—coat a label to stop it running for instance. Put it at the end of a shoelace that has lost its Flugelbinder {yup that is a thing}. Coat a loose screw in polish before resetting it. As for the lip balm – Yumi says it best.

2. Plug converter

We know this is hardly rocket science. But you know how you sometimes forget the most basic item?  GoNOMAD editor Max Hartshorne also suggests a three-prong USA style plug, so you can get three devices charged from one foreign outlet.

3. Tchotchkes

Sharpie, Double sided tape, Superglue, Duct tape

From coloring in the scuffs on your shoes to marking packages or getting autographs – Sharpies (or at least one!) are a must. Double sided tape can be used to hem something quickly or keep something in place, tape extra batteries down, pick up broken glass etc. Superglue for anything that needs to gets fastened precisely and quickly. Duct tape? The list is apparently endless!

4. Dryer sheets

Stuff some into your shoes and add a couple to your suitcase to ensure fresh smelling clothes and shoes throughout your trip.

5. Vaccination Health Card

If you need a vaccination for a country you also need proof that you have had it. Carry your Vaccination Health Card with your passport and store them away together after your travels – you never know when it will come in handy again.

6. Waterproof bag big enough for your camera

Buy a couple of LokSaks big enough for your camera. (Especially if you are planning to visit a waterfall like Victoria Falls when the river runs high. (We are always telling people it is like walking into a shower and everyone comes back amazed that we weren’t lying!)

7. Email friends and family

Send an e-mail with your itinerary, passport number, and insurance documents to one family member and one friend. Also load all the info onto a private folder on the cloud. Include all your prescription medication and prescription for glasses etc.

8. Entertainment

Dematerialize your books and upload them to an electronic device. Ditto for Audio and Movies.  Remember to download podcasts so you can listen to them when you’re at the airport and don’t want to pay for wifi, or on a bus without wifi.

9. Noise Canceling Headphones/Earbuds/Ear defenders

From noisy airplanes and airports to the strange sounds of the African bush. You might find it easier to read, sleep or relax without the ambient noise.

10. Water bottle

Be kind to the planet and byo water bottle. You can even get one that has a handy little filter inside!

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