Antarctica: What Should Travelers Expect?

To many people, a trip to Antarctica is an official Bucket List occasion. But what should you know before you book a trip way, way down south? GoNOMAD Travel interviewed three travelers who had made the journey to this part of the world with Quark Expeditions, a leader in Polar travel. Here is some of their advice.

What was the one thing  you would  recommend to a person who is thinking about taking the same voyage, ie, anything you wished you had packed, or anything you brought that you shouldn’t have?

Zaid: It is not really important to carry extra camera batteries for excursions off the ship. Excursions typically last 3.5 hours and a fully charged battery should suffice.

Zaid Mahomedy on bow Lemaire Channel after Polar PlubgeMerv: “Bring a LOT of memory cards and an good camera with a long lens – at least 400mm.  Also bring wide angle lenses, even a fisheye has a place in Antarctica! And strangely, do not bring a huge warm coat – Quark will look after that for you!

Dennis O’Connor: ” I would recommend that they extend a trip whenever possible. I wanted to go to Argentina without delays, which allowed time for a side trip. I would also caution about bringing too many clothes. Yes it’s Antarctica and you need to bring the correct clothing, but this was an expedition, not a fashion show. Comfort trumped style.”

What was surprising to you about Antarctica?  What was different than what you thought it would be?

Zaid: “When I took the Polar Plunge I was really surprised at how salty iceberg filled water can be. That was the first thought that came to mind when I jumped in, followed by “Yikes, this is COLD.”

What really made the expedition to Antarctica even more amazing was the crew and other passengers. All of us had a passion for adventure and similar reasons for journeying to Antarctica.

We could relate with each other.

Dennis: “I don’t think I was prepared for the sensory overload of Antarctica. The enormity of it, the beauty, the wildlife was beyond explanation or expectation. I came away with a feeling that I will never be able to top this trip.”

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