Rail Europe News: A Free Day and France Comes Back to Eurail Pass

Now you can get a free day with select Eurail passes!

Details: Rail Europe Inc. is offering a free extra travel day with the purchase of the Eurail France-Italy Pass, Eurail Italy-Spain Pass, Eurail France-Spain Pass and Eurail Italy Pass, allowing travelers to further explore the popular destinations of France, Italy and Spain.

* Booking dates: March 17 – April 29, 2014

* Travel dates: Will have up to 6 months before using the pass

* Eurail Regional Passes begin at $430, and Eurail Italy Pass begins at $307, both with subjectivity to change

* Visit: http://www.raileurope.com/promotions/eurail-spain-italy-france-free-day-promo.html

France Returns to the Eurail Pass

France National Railways are returning France to the to the 4-country Eurail Select Pass starting April 1, 2014. Travelers can choose rail travel on the national rail networks of four adjoining countries to France, connected by train or ship, with countries to visit including Germany, Italy, Spain and over a dozen more. Having withdrawn from the Eurail Select Pass in 2013 due to declining revenues, the new addition is expected to welcome more visitors to France, and will allow more people to experience the simplicity and comfort of rail travel.

* Sales open April 1, 2014

* Prices begin at $573 USD, with subjectivity to change