Living in Rome Is Not for the Faint of Heart, But What an Adventure!

Arco Farnese, in Rome.

Rome is a fantastic city, and to many people, it would be a dream to live there.  But how the heck to  you figure all of that out, the work permit, the accommodation in Rome, and how to keep in touch with family and friends back in the US?

John Henderson spent decades living in Denver, Colorado, and after he retired from his job as a reporter for the Denver Post, made his own move to live in Rome.  He said that his decision was planned for many years and required a lot of day to day research, and especially, he had to learn to pinch pennies and keep within his relatively small retirement budget.

“More than anything, you need a sense of adventure. La dolce vita here isn’t always sweet. Transportation strikes are so common, they’re announced in the paper. Getting Internet can take two months in your shockingly small apartment. The Italian language doesn’t sound so romantic when you can’t figure out change at a market.

But if you want to live the rest of your life in an outdoor museum, to wander narrow, cobblestone streets during the day and smell the blend of garlic and Parmesan at night, it’s worth the effort.”

Rome intrigues most travelers, with its rich ancient history and its modern day image of the good life.  It is indeed good, but just try to figure out how to get money wired, or to get a telephone line installed in your apartment. Then it feels like you’re going back to the 18th century, John reports.

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