Save on Road Food by Packing a Cooler!

soft sided cooler

Here are some tips for your next road trip. Save money by bringing your own food for traveling.

Depending on how many of you are going to be traveling, it’s always good to pack an assortment of different foods and snacks.

First thing first, pick a cooler. For me the best cooler for road trips are the collapsible coolers – these coolers are soft sided coolers and hold a lot of food and beverages – especially the 52-can cooler. It also collapses down into a small package when empty which is ideal to store under one of the car seats.

Why drive through one of the fast-food places. They are so unhealthy, high calorie, and can be quite expensive. Find a nice place to stop with your family (you can always look up your trip and find tips on where to stop along the way). Below you will find some healthy alternative to burgers and fries and other fastfood fare.

Everyone has different tastes so it’s good to pack different snacks for different people. Cut up some melon and store them in a zip-lock bag. Wash and dry grapes, strawberries, blueberries and put them in containers – ready to eat!

How about some string cheese, babybel cheese and soft spreadable (single serving portions are available) cheese. Some crackers, small individual packets of almonds and/or pretzels and you are all set!

For drinks, water is ideal (re-use your water bottle over and over again to help the environment). Freeze a couple of small bottles to help keep the rest of the food and drinks cold – that along with freezer packs keeps your goodies cold for 6-10 hrs.

Don’t forget napkins, sanitizing wipes and a trash bag. Tips courtesy of