What’s the Best Way to Fly to Florida Cheap?

Young musicians on Lincoln Road, Miami Florida. photo by Sonja Stark.


If I were looking for cheap flights to Florida,  the first thing I’d do is sign up for email notifications from the major booking engines, so they’d ping me as soon as something opened up.

Many people are willing to fly at just about any time, even Christmas day, if the price is right.  That seems to have become the determining factor is finding the cheapest fares–go when they say to go, not when YOU want to go.

I just popped in a quick search from Boston to Miami and noticed that the very cheapest flights of all seem to depart at 6 am.  For most of us, that means getting up at the absolute worst hour of the night barely morning, yeah, hitting the highway at 3 or 4 am to arrive at the airport by egads, FIVE am. Get me some IV espresso for that.

Usually I’ll always pass on this option, and try to find something at a normal or close to normal waking hour.  Priceline’s $317 price includes, um, one stop. For me, that’s a deal breaker. I would want to fly direct since from Boston to Miami it’s only about a four-hour flight.  The cheaper the ticket the more inconvenient it will be, and stopping in Charlotte en route to Miami is a hassle.

Even when I looked at the $417 fare, I still would have to stop over. I think if I wanted the cheap and convenient flight to Boston, I’d have to have a stop over. Even on Southwest, the plane changes are part of even the most expensive flight. And Southwest would actually fly me to Fort Lauderdale, not Miami.