Vietnam, for Women Only

A farmer tends his rice field in Vietnam.
A farmer tends his rice field in Vietnam. Barbara Onischuk photo.


Max Hartshorne writes on GoNOMAD Travel about how Vietnam has become a bucket list country for many travelers. And to many women, going there on a woman-only trip is even better. Some of the woman he interviewed shared why they had so much fun on a woman-only trip.

Barbara Onischuk, of Calgary Alberta Canada explained part of why she enjoyed traveling to Vietnam on a women-only trip.

“I enjoyed travelling with only women because we are all adventurous women who are not limited because we do not have men in our lives who are as passionate about travel as we are. An all-women’s group seems to become friends almost overnight and they are more open about their lives, etc.

I have travelled with other groups that have had men in them and couples seem to stick together more and not interact like women do in an all-women’s group . I felt that I made many new friends that I will see again.”

Karen Gavenda, of Syracuse, NY, who has traveled extensively, also shared her view on the concept of women-only travel. “Traveling with only women naturally allows the opportunity to partake in activities more geared toward women.

But it also provides more freedom to customize and alter agendas at will without having to satisfy a mixed gender group. Since many women such as myself travel without a companion, I can always find someone to hook up with or someone with similar interests. This is much more difficult when the tour is comprised of mostly couples and you often feel like a third wheel.”

Find out more about women-only tours at Sights and Soul Travel, in Maryland, USA.