Oh, Barcelona! Lost Luggage Teaches Lessons

Dressed in their Festival of St Fermin outfits, nobody knew that the author’s luggage never made it to Barcelona with her. Jeni James/GoNOMAD photo.



It was during a trip to Barcelona that Jeni James realized what was really important to a traveler. No, it wasn’t her luggage, nor her toiletries.  She wrote about her Barcelona  experience on GoNOMAD Travel in 2012.

It was that a realization that there is a zen sort of moment when you let go of what you’ve lost, and begin to appreciate the friendships, the fun, and know that yes…you can do just fine with just a small backpack full of clothes.

She set out from her hotel in Las Ramblas,  thinking of when the airline would call with her bags. She spent a few days regularly calling the airline asking about the bags, but finally, she succumbed. It was time to say “no tengo la maletta,” which in Spanish, translates to “I’m screwed and I won’t see my luggage for the next two weeks, so deal with it.”

She began to loosen up, hey what an exciting time to be in the home of the world’s best soccer team…it was World Cup time. Her luggage?  She forgot about it, and had more wine.

Jeni lived in the moment, enjoying her friends, and she didn’t need the three pairs of jeans, her favorite hoodie, or even her underwear. She bought a few new things, shared some others, and the best part is, “all of this will outlive any pair of jeans, any sneakers, any hairdryer, any time.”

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