Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Rome–Designed for Women

Sometimes it’s just more fun to go on a vacation with other women, and leave your husband or significant other behind.  There are some trips that are just a little more fun if it is just you and a girlfriend.

Gutsy Women enjoying flowers on a Provence street.
Some times it’s just more fun to go on a women-only vacation.

For twelve years, Gutsy Women Travel have provide getaways for women, designed for women, to exciting places around the world. One trip they’ve got planned for 2013 takes you to Tuscany, Cinque Terre and to Rome.

It’s an 11-day, 10 night trip that departs on May 25, assuring that the weather will be perfect for your all-woman Roman holiday.

They have a BFF promotion on the May 25th arrival of Tuscany with Cinque Terre & Roman Holiday, 5% savings on land package when you and a friend deposit by March 1st!

April Merenda,  the company’s co-founder, was recently profiled on GoNOMAD.com and said seventy to seventy five percent of all travel decision, from when and if to go on a trip to booking flights to choosing a place to eat while on vacation, are made by women. That’s a lot of ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘too much’, ‘over there’, ‘lets stay here’ and April knows it.

“I’m the perfect one to understand what these women are going through. I work a full time job, I’m busy all the time and when I travel I want it to not be overpriced, to be safe, but I also want to be surprised, I want bragging rights. I want it to be affordable but still luxurious enough to pamper,” April confided.

Visit their website to find many other trips designed for women…Gutsy Women!