What Are Your Hotel Habits?

What is your favorite thing about staying in a hotel?  What rituals do you have when you stay in a new  hotel, do you set it up any certain way, or have preferences for sleeping that require you to do a small make-over of the room?

Choosing hotels and getting the best hotel deals requires time and interest in pouring through website after website.  One company has gotten it a little simpler–search hundreds of booking sites all in one place. It’s called Trivago.com.

When I first enter my new hotel room, I look around for how far the bathroom is from the bed. Reflexively, I need to know that, and that way I know which side of the bed to sleep on.  Next I look for plugs. Plugs in Europe are often hard to find, and in even the cheapest US hotel, ubiquitous.  Unless it’s a very old inn or B&B in the country.

After the plug, comes the web. Time to check the Wi-Fi.  Hotels can be such great places to go online, or this privilege can come with huge strings attached.  Some impose burdensome fees, then require Byzantine log-ins and passwords, so you are confused right off.

Finally, how comfy is the bed? The centerpiece of your stay, the thing you’re really paying for, is right there. So if it isn’t right, well, Houston We Got A Problem!