The 1000 Faces of Abruzzo, a Land of Natural Abundance

A Marsican brown bear in Abruzzo National Park, Italy.
A Marsican brown bear in Abruzzo National Park, Italy.

In the heart of Italy, between the peaks of the Appennines and the waters of the Adriatic, a green land opens up, where among rocky castles, forests and wide pastures the wholesome air of a hospitality that is deep-rooted in time can still be inhaled. It is Abruzzo, which with its thick web of over 30 nature reserves, three national parks and a regional park, stands out for being the greenest region in Europe.

It is enough to think that the 37% of Abruzzo’s  territory is a protected area, so much that the region has been defined as a “permanent museum in the open air. A real gold mine for lovers of excursions, of trekking, of mountain-bike rides and, more generally, for those who want to engage in active tourism and sports without renouncing to a beauty that warms up the heart. Plus it’s in Italy so the food is uniformly excellent!

The variety of the landscapes this region ranges  from the plateaus scattered with animal herds to the snowy mountain tops of Gran Sasso, to the asperity of Majella, up to the sweetness of the hills and river torrents, create a high number of ways to fully appreciate the richness of this land. You can hike, free climb, hang-glide, paraglide , canoe, horse ride or sail here, there is plenty of room to roam!

The hundreds of kilometers of ski slopes make Abruzzo an ideal destination for winter sports. We have modern  ski resorts that combine with the magical atmosphere of ancient villages and rocky castles–It’s all fairytale-like and mysterious!

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