For a Last Minute Fly-Away, Try Cyprus!

Cyprus is an ancient island that’s divided into two parts. Forget about visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, heck, there are cities there that haven’t seen a human since the island was cut into two halves in 1974. Not many Brits get up there, though it’s a popular with Turkish holidaymakers.

Dipping your face and getting youth back at the Temple of Aphrodite, in Western Cyprus.
Washing your face at the Temple of Aphrodite in Cyprus is supposed to keep you young. Max Hartshorne photo.

But that doesn’t mean the island, the Republic of Cyprus,  wouldn’t be a great place for a quick last minute getaway. In fact the city of Limassol is a place where anyone from England would feel quite at home. It’s got gorgeous long beaches and just up the road, you can dip your face into the water of the Temple of Aphrodite.

I remember a night in a Limossol pub there in 2006, talking with a British expat who said that everyone he knows in town is from England.

He said it was a swell place to live–hey, just consider how much it doesn’t rain, compared with…well you know that.

It’s also not expensive and people are always coming and going back to UK.  Oh, and they produce a lot of wine there too, wrote Max Hartshorne on the Travel site.

“Cyprus  is famous for its 42 small vineyards that produce many unique wines, some with grape varieties that are unique to Cyprus. The most famous of these is the Commanderia wine, a sweet variety that was once served to kings, and is produced near Limassol, the island’s second largest city. It is the world’s oldest named wine, according to local lore.