Don’t Go to Vegas to Just Gamble!

The Mob Museum is just one of many things to do in Vegas besides gamble.
The Mob Museum is just one of many things to do in Vegas besides gamble.

If you were to ask the average traveler about the types of activities available in Las Vegas, they would probably start telling you about the best places to gamble or the great shows in the casino.  While the casinos offer lots of fun and excitement there are plenty of things to do in Vegas not in a casino.  Here are a few of those activities.

Mob Museum

The history of Las Vegas has deep rooted ties to organized crime.  For decades, the mob ran Las Vegas and now a museum has been dedicated to the legacy of the mob and the men that helped to take down the Vegas mob.

Known as the Mob Museum, visitors can take part in exhibits and presentations that cover the history of the mob in an honest portrayal of what the mob were like.  Visitors will also learn about the law enforcement agents tasked with cleaning up Vegas.

Vegas Zip Line

One of the more unusual things to do in Vegas is the Zip Line in Downtown Vegas.  Riders get to zip down an 800 foot controlled descent while reaching speeds up to around 30 miles an hour.  The zip line goes over the famed Glitter Gulch of Downtown Vegas and is a unique way to experience the downtown area.

Fremont Street Experience

If you have never taken a gambling getaway to Las Vegas, then you should head down one evening to take part in the Fremont Street Experience.  A large canopy covers a portion of Fremont Street and every half hour starting at dusk there is a light and sound show displayed for guests with music ranging from Queen to disco, and more.

In addition, there are numerous street vendors as well as live music throughout the evening.  Performances range from tribute bands to Elvis impersonators.  On occasions you will run across various exhibits of classic cars.  You also have the option of checking out the historic casinos of the downtown Vegas area.

Las Vegas Zoo

The Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park is just a short drive from the Vegas strip and is host numerous varieties of animals.  In addition to the normal exhibits you would expect to find at the Vegas Zoo, you will also find exhibits more indicative to the desert climate such as exotic reptiles and even tropical birds.  The Vegas Zoo is also one of the cheaper activities in Vegas at just $8 for adults and $6 for kids.