Ski or Just Stay: Stowe Vermont Is a Whole Lotta Village

Even without snow you can use poles for hiking in Stowe, Vermont.
Even without snow you can use poles for hiking in Stowe, Vermont.

When you think of Vermont, your first thought might be of the Green Mountains, and maple syrup. But if we told you to think of Vermont during the ski season, it’s likely that Stowe would pop up pretty fast.

Cathie Arquilla visited Stowe with her family a few years ago and wrote a story for GoNOMAD titled, Stowe, Vermont–a Classic New England Town and a Ski Resort, Too. That’s because there is much more than skiing for the families who rent Stowe vacation rentals after doing some research.  Start with!

“Stowe, the ski resort and Stowe the village have formed a symbiotic relationship. The ski resort fancies itself the premier New England skiing destination for its skiing and because it harbors the lovely town of Stowe. Meanwhile, the town seems equally pleased to host one of the best skiing mountains in the East.

Similar to the vibe found in Nantucket, Stowe has that nuance of a hip town with lots going on against a very historic, quaint background. And it works as a vacation destination all year round. I went with my family during mud season, often referred to more sensitively as the shoulder season.

I’m talking about late March, early April. Even though it was, dare I say it, crap weather (half the time) with plenty of mud, Stowe did not disappoint. It is just too cool a place to get bogged down, literally.”