New Rules on Carnival Cruise Lines

Ever searched for hours for an open lunge chair to sun on while vacationing on a cruise? With hundreds of guests flocking to the top of the ship, things can get crowded. A common thing for people to do is to leave a towel or bag on a chair to save their spot on deck.

Leaving for hours at a time, the chair is being unused, and this has gotten other guest a little upset. So much so that Carnival Cruise Lines is taking action against lounger hogging.

Carnival has become the first cruise line to ban saving sun loungers. Senior cruise director John Heald announced a new ‘use it or lose it’ policy that will be tested on two cruises and then rolled out to the rest of the fleet.

The staff will walk around the deck and place stickers on the lounge chairs left unattended. The stickers will have the time the guest left and if they do not return in 40 minutes, there items will be placed in the towel station for them to pick up.

Heald said on Facebook: “We went with 40 minutes as we felt that this was a fair amount of time if guests get up to eat, drink, pee, swim or slide.” Carnival Cruise lines were getting a lot of complaints about seat saving and their decision to enforce this new system was met with many thanks.