France Comes Alive in the New France Plane Reader from Travel

France Plane Reader
Our France Plane Reader will inspire you to travel to France!

There’s a new addition to Travel’s line of Plane Reader Ebooks!  It’s the France Plane Reader, with 31 articles filled with photos to get you excited and inspired for your upcoming trip to France! You’ll be inspired by this collection of stories that takes the reader to a castle stay in Normandy, to the scenes of Coco Chanel’s childhood, to the beautiful farm fields of Aquitaine and a hunter’s lodge in the deep pine woods of Southwestern France.

The travel writers who contributed to the book are all regular people, not professional writers, and their stories give a great feel taste and smell of what’s in store for anyone who visits this magical country. More than 75 million travelers visit France every year, so it’s gotta be a very special place.  Enjoy this ebook on your Kindle, Nook or iPad, and you can read it off line too.

The France Plane Reader will give you ideas on where to go and stay, tell you about lesser known regions, and inspire you with fantastic photos of this beautiful country. If you’ve ever thought about visiting France, jump on Amazon now and buy this ebook. We promise you’ll be inspired and happy to read about so many adventures across France!