Find the Local Agent in Hilton Head, SC

There is a pretty strong case you can make for trying a rental instead of staying in a hotel or resort on your next trip down south. In Hilton Head vacation rentals are one of the fastest growing types of lodging, and nationally, more and more travelers have discovered that even when you add up the security deposit, weekly rental fees and other costs it still beats a per night charge in a hotel any day. Plus who wants to pay for restaurant meals three meals a day, seven days in a row?

Now that you might have decided to consider a Hilton Head condo rental or getting a house to rent in Hilton Head, who do you call? There are many large mega-corporations that offer vacation rentals, like HomeAway, and even the large hotel chains, like Hyatt and Marriott.

But if Hilton Head is where you want to rent, the best advice is to find someone who lives there and knows the island like the back of their hand.   The choice in this case would be Island Getaway, which takes a hands-on approach to managing their vacation rentals, and condo rentals on the island.

They can also help answer questions renters might have, like where is the best local grocery store, where can I rent a tennis court, or where is the best place for a sunset cocktail on the water. It’s their neighborhood, so the Todd and his staff at Island Getaway have the easy answers to the questions about life in Hilton Head.

Property owners in Hilton Head benefit from the firm’s commitment to internet marketing…after all, this is how 90 percent of renters find the units they want, and because of this, Island Getaway has links on hundreds of sites and provides detailed photos of each unit, making it easy to book and best for the property owners to get their vacation homes rented all season long.

For fifteen years Todd Brooks has run Island Getaway, you can contact him at 800-476-4885 and either list your property or browse their large selection of Hilton Head rentals. Visit them at