Passports with Purpose Travels to Zambia

Passports with Purpose is  headed to Zambia to explore the project that was built this year. Expedia has made the trip possible by taking care of airfare and hotel accommodations. In Zambia, they will go to a ribbon cutting, see the results of the peoples’ work and tell stories about those who benefited from the 2011 Passports with Purpose initiative.

The program asks for postcards and pictures to include in a photo album that they’ll put in the library. It’s a fun way to show the kids in Zambia the people from all over the world who help to make their dream library a reality. For those that helped by making a cash donation, providing a prize, or spreading the word on a blog or other social media outlet, they hope you’ll participate.

These are their guidelines:

  • Send us your postcard (or postcard sized pictures). It can be a postcard from your hometown, a trip that meant a lot to you, or a picture of you doing something you love. Don’t forget to write a note on the back!
  • We’ll be posting some of our favorites online, so let us know if it’s not ok to share in that way – we promise to respect your wishes.
  • Put your picture or postcard in the mail by May 1 – you can send it to: Passports with Purpose, P.O. Box 16102, Seattle WA 98116. Make sure you allow enough time for it to get to us before May 3rd.

They’ll post pictures and stories about their trip to Zambia on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.