BritRail Announces Extra Day Promotion

BritRail is giving away a free day of travel on select passes for a limited time. Travelers can receive their free day of travel on any of these popular passes: the BritRail FlexiPass, BritRail Consecutive Pass, BritRail England FlexiPass and BritRail England Consecutive Pass, in either First Class or Standard Class. Purchases must be made between March 15th and April 15th, 2012.

This promotion can be combined with BritRail’s range of discount Passes, including the BritRail Party Pass (up to 50% off on the third through ninth passengers), BritRail Family Pass (one child per adult travels free), BritRail Senior Pass (up to 15% off in first class), BritRail Youth Pass (up to 20% off in first or standard class), Eurail Pass Holder Rate (up to 50% off for youth with a valid Eurail Pass) and the BritRail Guest Pass (up to 25% off for you and a British resident).

Get your BritRail Pass by calling ACP Rail’s Call Center today at 1 866 938-RAIL (North America) or by visiting or Remember to buy before taking flight as BritRail Passes cannot be purchased in Britain.

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