LaGuardia Guide Misses the Best Deal in Parking

Harriet Baskas is an energetic, tiny woman who writes a daily blog called “Stuck at the Airport.” She also writes a column for USA Today called At the Airport where she finds interesting activities, places to shop, and even quirky restaurants to share with fellow travelers.

She wrote a guide to New York LaGuardia airport that provides lots of good information for anyone who has to fly out of this airport, which services only domestic locations from its location in Queens, NY.

She lists the important things like these: how to get there from Manhattan: NYC Transit buses that will cost $2.50, and take about 45 minutes from Manhattan to LGA.

LGA Parking She suggests that the short-term daily garage is the most convenient, but it costs $33 a day.  She also said that long term on airport will cost $33 for the two days,  then $18/day. Truly, though, this guide is missing the fact that you could park at the Clarion Hotel at LaGuardia and it would only be $16 per day. Adding in a $5 surcharge, you will still save big time by just visiting Airport Parking Reservations and choosing your off airport lot at LGA.

Some other tidbits in the USAToday guide are that LGA sits on what was once an amusement park. There are also areas where you can let your dog go pee, as well as a full service post office and offices that offer medical and dental care.