10 Day Taiwan Lantern Festival Tour Ends Today

This year, Taiwan is host to the annual Lantern Festival tour, which has taken place from Feb. 4-Feb. 13, and will finish in Australia just before 12:05 a.m.

Each year varying cities and countries sponsor the lantern festival on the first month of the lunar calendar. The event attracts many tourists and serves as a important cultural event.

After dark, thousands of colorful lanterns are hung to give thanks. Many children take the lanterns to temples and solve riddles on them. The Taiwanese have maintained the ancient rituals and rites of this massive celebration.

Day 1 (Feb. 4)- Departure from Australia- Depart flight from Sydney, Australia with China Airlines CI52 22:00 to Taiwan.

Day 2 (Feb. 5)- Arrive Taiwan/ Sun Moon Lake/ Puli/ Chiayi- After arriving at Taipei International Airport, where arriving Taipei flights can be booked, at approximately 4:15 a.m., Taiwain Holidays and Travels tour guides will meet guests and escort them to Nantou, where Sun Moon Lake is located. Guests will later be transported to the Taiwanese Gourmet Restaurant to enjoy lunch by Sun Book Lake. Afterwards, guests will depart for Chiayi.

Day 3 (Feb. 6)- Chiayi/ Alisan/ Kaohsiung- After breakfast, guests will leave for the “Eight Wonders of Taiwan – Alisan,” at the located at Alisan Forest Railway. Guests also have the opportunity to see the Cherry Blossom Sister Lake, Zhaoping Park, Sochun Temple and the Old Alisan Tree Site. After taking in the sights of Alisan, guests will be transferred to Kaohsiung City to visit the largest industrial harbor in Taiwan. During the night, guests will visit the Liuho Night Market to sample Taiwanese desserts and snacks. The “Love River” is an optional stop for couples seeking a romantic night.

Day 4 (Feb. 7)- Kaohsiung/ Kenting/ Taitung- Post breakfast, guests will depart for the Theresa Deng Museum. Maopitou, Taiwain will be another stop on the tour today. Guests will then visit the Oluanpi Light House and further continue to visit Taitung.

Day 5 (Feb. 8)- Taitung/ East Coast National Scenic Area/ Hualien- After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, the tour will be transferred to the Tainan Aboriginal Brinan Cultural Village. Butterfly valley will be the next stop on the tour and guests will spend the night at Hualien City.

Day 6 (Feb. 9)- Hualien/ Taroko National Park Taipei- Taroko Gorge National Park will be the first stop on the tour today. Other stops will include, Eternal Spring Shine, Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Marble Bridge, Tienshiang and the Marble Factory. Driving back to Taipei, guests will see the “Chingshuei Cliff,” located along the highway. The last stop of the night will be back in downtown Taipei to explore the vibrant nightlife. Guests will stay at the five star Howard Plaza Hotel

Day 7 (Feb. 10)- Wulai/ Chiufen/ Yeliu- After eating breakfast, guests will visit Wulai and taste some gourmet Taiwanese food. After lunch, the tour will depart for Yehliu Ocean Park, and finally at Chiufen Villiage.

Day 8- (Feb. 11)- Taipei/ Yangmingshan National Park/ Taipei City Sightseeing- The first stop will be the Martyrs’ Shrine and the National Palace Museum. Other sightseeing opportunities may include the Presidential Building, Yanmingshan National Park and the Shilin Night Market.

Day 9 (Feb. 12)- Taipei/ Airport- Guests may visit the shopping visit and spend any money they may have left for whatever they may desire. Later, they will be transferred back to the airport to fly back to Australia.

Day 10- (Feb. 13)- Arrive Australia- The flight will arrive in Sydney by about 12:05 a.m.