Plnnr Makes Travel Planning Easy

For an effortlessly simple tool to design a travel itinerary, give Tel-Aviv-based Plnnr, the vowel-averse trip planning tool, a try. Founded in 2009, the Plnnr “automatically generates your free personalized ready-to-use itinerary in split seconds.”

Plnnr designs an itinerary in five steps, with customization options along the way. First, users select their travel destination from a predetermined list, including places like Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, and New York City, with more destinations to come in the future. Next is the departure date and duration of the trip, followed by theme, which users select from “with kids,” “outdoors,” “the best of,” and “culture.”

After that, users select the intensity level, ranging from Light (wake up late, here to rest) to Extreme (wake up early, see everything). In the final step, users select luxury level, from one to five stars. Once selected the tool calculates a customizable itinerary.

Plnnr’s personalized itinerary includes a large map, complete with routes for each day, and a list of suggested attractions and hotel. Clicking on an attraction opens a description and photo gallery, with an option to choose whether or not you want to visit. Selecting “no” will remove that attraction from the list and recalculate the itinerary. Each day is individually customizable.

The tool’s main draw is its effortlessness: there is no hassle or confusion here. Perfect for travelers preparing for a trip, Plnnr is also a great tool for daydreamers and those wishing to learn more about their city of choice.

“Plnnr takes away the hassle of planning and ensures travelers will make the most of their trips by actually planning the trip for them,” said Mosi Shuchman, co-founder of “Instead of using outdated guidebooks, or collecting bits and pieces of information from too many sources and trying to coordinate the information into a working itinerary, Plnnr does all of that for you.”

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