Comparing Prices in Europe

Experience the beauty of Switzerland, but at a price. Image via user
Experience the beauty of Switzerland, but at a price. Image via user

Think gas is expensive state-side? Europeans would chuckle at our outrage during gas station stops. On average, a gallon of unleaded gasoline costs about $7.50 in Europe, reaching prices as high as almost $9 in Greece. Gas prices are one of the things many travelers heading to Europe need to consider when budgeting their trip. researched the most expensive travel destinations in Europe.

Number one on the list? Switzerland. In addition to the world-famous mountains, the country’s prices are also sky-high. Prices in general are twice as high as in the U.S., 60 percent higher than in the UK, including hotels, restaurants, groceries, transport and entertainment.

In Geneva, hotels average at $300 per night, while a relatively cheap lunch starts at $15. But if a slice of pizza is all you need in Switzerland, it will set you back about $5.30.

However, a trip to Europe doesn’t have to equal breaking the bank. Cheaper alternatives include the Czech Republic and Hungary, both of which are cheaper than the U.S. For some serious savings, look to Turkey, where prices are almost half of those in the U.S.

In addition to providing tools to compare prices around the world, also offers hints to keep the costs down.

“Time your trip to coincide with the free museum nights in all major European cities; register for the free volunteer-guided tours offered across Europe; plan a visit off season; use the flash sales options on various accommodation websites; consider staying in a city apartment booked directly from the owner; buy city passes for the public transportation; use travel sites that can save you money; and, of course, spend more time in the cheaper countries.”

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