Nomading Film Festival Calling for Entries

Nomading Film FestivalLove to travel? Love to record your travels? Nomading Film Festival 2011 wants you to submit your travel videos.

NoFF is the first-ever in-person film festival for travelers, by travelers, operating under the belief that traveling shapes us, defines us and connects us. NoFF seeks to connect with travelers who film, not just filmmakers who travel.

“We know that travelers love to share stories above all else, and meeting fellow travelers in person is a revelation. Amateur film has created a new avenue of sharing, interconnectedness and esteem which travel blogs, Facebook posts or tweets can’t match,” NoFF states on their website.

During NoFF’s inaugural event in New York City last June, the organization gave away over $8,000 in prizes, including a trip for two to Northern India. Over 200 people attended the event.

NoFF will be organizing a WinterRecess festival in Portland, Oregon on January 28, 2012, and the next Nomading Film Festival is set to take place on June 23, 2012 in New York City.

“We believe that stories caught on film, while traveling, are some of the most entertaining, educating, beautiful, and authentic. These are stories which should be shared, acknowledged, and awarded. Welcome to the NOMADING FILM FESTIVAL.

“We think of travel less as a leisure activity and more of a chance to explore the planet and engage those living therein. It’s time for you to share your adventures and inspire the world. We are listening and can’t wait to watch. Happy travels + shooting!”

Check out Nomading Film’s vimeo channel for last year’s finalists and winners, and watch their introduction video.