Help the Tandana Foundation Make a Difference in Mali

A Tandana Foundation volunteer helping out new friends
A Tandana Foundation volunteer helping out new friends

The Tandana Foundation is a non-profit organization in Ohio that offers cross-cultural volunteer opportunities, scholarships, and funding for small community projects in highland Ecuador and Mali’s Dogon Country. Visitors that travel to Ecuador or Mali are treated as guests rather than tourists who experience a rich indigenous culture while making a difference and forming life-long friendships.

At the end of this year, the foundation is sponsoring a Volunteer Vacation to Mali from December 31 to January 15. Participants will enjoy the culture of Mali’s Dogon Country, which is located near Mali’s eastern boarder and is a UN world heritage site. During the trip, volunteers will work on community projects, help villagers construct a grain bank, work in an orchard and tour the many other projects Tandana has worked on. Volunteers will stay in guest houses.

Participants will also have the opportunity to tour Mali’s countryside and see the country’s landmarks, including a visit to the city of Djenne. Volunteers will work with local children in their school garden. To end the trip, guests will take an overnight pinasse trip up the Niger River.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to help make a positive impact on many lives.

To learn more about the trip, visit The Tandana Foundation’s website

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