Explorer Robert Sarmast Returning to Cyprus for Third Expedition

Photo Credit: Andrea Bailey
Photo Credit: Andrea Bailey

Author and explorer, Robert Sarmast, who organized the world’s most scientific expeditions to find the lost city of Atlantis near Cyprus, will be returning to the island country with his team this week to film a documentary during the Kataklysmos festival. After a four-year hiatus, they will prepare for another phenomenal adventure.

In 2004 and 2006, Sarmast’s company, First Source Enterprises, LLC, put on two expeditions to find the remains of Atlantis, which were highly publicized around the world and made Cyprus one of the best candidates for the well-known mystery. The expedition took advantage of state-of-the-art deep sea equipment to survey the seafloor between Cyprus and Syria. The crew included several researchers who had worked on the discovery of the Titanic.

“There is really a mystery within a mystery associated with this project, regarding Atlantis and the Garden of Eden, and it’s time for Cypriots to know the full story,” said Sarmast.

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