Seaport Village’s Busker Festival 2011 in San Diego, CA

Live Music at the Busker Festival
Live Music at the Busker Festival

The Seaport Village’s Annual Spring Busker Festival will be taking place again this year in San Diego, California, on Saturday April 16th-17th. 2011 This is a one-of-a-kind two-day festival full of eccentric entertainment,  innovative street performers and live music.

San Diego’s beautiful Seaport Village hosts the only Busker Festival in all of Southern California. Professionals from across the country come to perform their bizarre talents such as juggling on unicycles, sword swallowing, knife tricks and out of this world pogo stick moves. It’s not only located in Seaport Village, which is one of the nicest places to walk around in Southern California, but it’s also an original kind of entertainment for tourists and their families to watch live, and it’s unlike any type of show or movie that they’ve ever seen before.

And for adults, the fun and excitement of the Busker Festival doesn’t stop after the sun goes down. At night, it’s time for Buskers After Dark, which exposes untamed performances by Buskers and goes late into the night. Buskers After Dark is sponsored by San Diego CityBeat and is provided to entertain guests over 18 years of age with unedited amusement and performances including fire jugglers, comedians, acrobats, beverages and a DJ spinning the hottest new tunes from 6p.m to 10p.m Saturday night. This event is all free entry, which can’t really be beat.

A Busker is a street performer. Known for their unusual and comedic acts in Boston’s Faneuil Hall or standing statue-like, painted in gold on San Francisco’s Pier 39, these artists perform for tips in public venues across the globe.

Throughout the two-day festival, some of the nation’s top performers fill the bay front village drawing visitors to shop, dine and enjoy an entire day of one-of-a-kind entertainment.

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