Scottsdale, AZ Celebrates 20 Years of Public Art

The Scottsdale Public Art program includes James Turrell's unique 'Knight Rise' - one of only three skyspaces open to the public in the US.

If you happen to be passing through Arizona and your mind is hungry for some eye candy, it’s worth noting that the Scottsdale Public Art Program will be commemorating its 25th year.

And by way of celebration, Scottsdale Public Art is transforming the city into an outdoor art gallery with more than 70 permanent and 30 temporary artworks encompassing an array of artistic expressions.

The Scottsdale Public Art Program invites residents and visitors alike to share in the aesthetics of the city’s public art collection.

Sculptures and integrated artworks are peppered throughout the city in parks, libraries, along our roadways, in public buildings and can also be found in other public places.

The program (est. 1985) is dedicated to enhancing urban spaces by commissioning art that creates a sense of place and improves the surrounding environment.

And it’s not all just fluff because Scottsdale has a history of dedication and commitment to the arts behind it.

Among the city’s first settlers were artists, architects, art collectors, educators, and other craftsmen who believed that “art should be part of the fabric of the community.”

This public art collection was formally established in 1967 and now includes more than 1,950 total objects (704 municipal and 1250 museum pieces).

Creative works range from traditional bronze artworks to contemporary and experiential pieces like James Turrell’s skyspace Knight Rise (one of only three skyspaces open to the public in the United States) at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

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