Beware: Red Flags Concerning Timeshares

Timeshares can be tricky
It might look nice, but stay informed – timeshares can be tricky business

Oh, the allure of the magically, artfully pitched timeshare and the salesman hiding a bag of tricks.

It may sound sweet, but licensed attorney Susan M. Budowski (an attorney in Orlando, Florida who has been a member of the Florida Bar since May of 2004 and has worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley Virginia where she received multiple Exceptional Performance Awards) knows all about the dangers of the ‘timeshare trap.’

It’s true, there are pitfalls in the shiny timeshare presentation you were so sold on, but there are still options to consider even if you have already purchased a timeshare property that you might grow to regret. Here are some helpful hints concerning timeshares.

Before signing up, know that a timeshare presentation can be a battleground for psychological warfare.

Walk into the room with the understanding that you will be pressured. After being drawn in by promises of free meals, theme park tickets, or prizes, many of these meetings turn into marathons of endurance. Presentations promised to last only last 90 minutes can stretch into 3 hours.

Timeshare presentations begin like a party but often end up as your worst guilt laden nightmare.

There is always extreme pressure to sign on the dotted line along with assurances you will never have an opportunity like this again. With tens of thousands of timeshares languishing on the market, be assured, there really is a tomorrow when it comes to making a decision about something that will be with you for life (or longer).

Travelers on vacation should also beware of various tactics used to force you to stay at a presentation longer than the advertised time. Some well known resort hotels have recently been reported to charge presentation attendants exorbitant room fees for failure to finish a presentation.  Timeshare companies have a lot invested in the sales presentation and will do just about anything to get you to buy.

Attorney Budowski wants you to know, in some cases, she can help. This does not mean you can contract an attorney simply because of buyers’ remorse. In fact, she turns away over 90% of her consults. If she does not feel the situation breaches the law or you just want out, she will not represent you.

But if you have been wronged, her passion is to make it right.