Baileys Round-Trip Airline Ticket Holiday Season Sweepstakes

Baileys Original Irish Cream hosts holiday sweepstakes
Get merry this 2010 holiday season with Baileys round-trip airline ticket sweepstakes

If you’re a traveler and you like the irresistible taste of Baileys Irish Cream in your holiday mug of choice, then you’ll probably like what the alcoholic beverage is offering you back this fast approaching holiday season.

As if this delicious cup of joy alone couldn’t give a person enough cheer, now Baileys Original Irish Cream is conducting a special travel sweepstakes during the 2010 holidays. In fact, it’s giving away 250 free round-trip airline tickets.

If that doesn’t catch a person’s interest, Baileys is making it easy. You can get those travel-itchy hands on some tickets through Facebook.

Baileys is holding a Facebook contest awarding 250 consumers free round-trip tickets home. Each ticket is worth $500 and good for any US Domestic flight.

Keep an eye out, because Baileys will be announcing 25 winners each week, through December 10, on Facebook.

Too much to be true? It’s hard to feel guilty about being spoiled because for every Facebook entry, Baileys will donate $5 to Hero Miles, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to uniting military families.

So not only are you entering to win, you’re also giving back.

Find it and get a chance to win on Facebook.