Auto Europe Launches Motorcycle Touring in the US and Canada

auto europe launches motorcycle tour
Auto Europe is now offering customers the chance to tour the US or Canada by motorcycle

If your dreams involve riding a Harley Davidson on the open road with the wind in your hair and the entire country at your disposal, you’re in luck. Auto Europe, a leader in European car rental services for over 56 years, is offering adventurous travelers the opportunity to do just that.

Interested customers can now get that wild rush with a tour of the top major tourist destinations throughout the USA and Canada all while cruising comfortably in the seat of a motorcycle of their choice.

The products they’re offering include a large selection of motorcycles including Harley Davidson, Honda and BMW motorcycles, Vespa scooters, ATVs, Snowmobiles and Jetski’s. You can find these at over 66 major tourist destinations, featuring over 100 self-driven tours.  In addition, one-day rentals are also available.

Rental rates for motorcycles begin at $130 per day in Dallas or Los Angeles and $155 per day in Miami or Phoenix. Helmets are included with all motorcycle rentals and saddlebags. Prices include unlimited mileage, an environmental surcharge of 5.5%, local sales tax, maps and suggestions and state mandatory liability insurance (for USA rentals).

Those involved can experience the 15-day Route 66 Tour beginning in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles beginning at $364 per person per day based upon double occupancy.  Tours include all accommodations: unlimited mileage, detailed day by day or by hour itinerary, routing with scenic drive specific for motorcycles, maps, sales tax and VIP check in.  And if your travel partner isn’t too keen on sitting aside a hog, a convertible car can be substituted.

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