Don’t Be Fooled: California’s “Misconceptions”

CTTC misconceptions advertisement
Olympic skier Shannon Bahrke in 'Misconceptions'

California: the state of sun-kissed beaches, surfer babes and an extravagant and easy-going lifestyle. Or so the story goes.

When it comes to stereotypes, California is a high-ranking contender, but the California Travel and Tourism Commission’s (CTTC) is launching a new television advertisement that puts an impish cap on all that fluff.

“Misconceptions” is a television ad putting a twist on Californian travel destinations while simultaneously having some friendly fun.

The advertisement features an all-star cast including Betty White, Kim Kardashian, Olympic skier Shannon Bahrke, chef Michael Chiarello, LA Philharmonic conductor Gustavo Dudamel, and musicians Jonas Brothers and Jason Mraz.

“We’re encouraging travelers to ‘find yourself here’ in California,” said Caroline Beteta, CTTC president and chief executive officer. “And we’ve chosen personalities for this campaign that represent the California lifestyle in world-class sports, great cuisine, the outdoors, music and entertainment.”

Launching across the United States on Monday, October 11, the ad features locations around California from Squaw Valley ski slopes to San Diego beaches, the Golden Gate Bridge to the redwoods, and wine country to Venice Beach. Spectacular scenery and friendly faces abound.

‘Misconceptions’ brings together some of the most famous icons in pop culture celebrating the vast diversity of the California experience,” said Beteta. “The broadest appeal of this ad is the compilation and contrast of these personalities together on screen. Much like these diverse celebrities, California has something for everyone.”

You can view “Misconceptions” here.

The California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC) is a non-profit organization in partnership with the state’s travel industry with a mission to develop and maintain marketing programs. For more information about CTTC visit their website.

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