Thailand Day One- Sweet Lemongrass Water

Sweet Lemon Grass Obession
Sweet Lemongrass Obsession against my view from Bangkok

After three flight transfers and the coup de tate 17 hour flight, Travel News Notes has finally arrived in Thailand! We’ve only been out and about for half a day, but it’s already hard to not fall in love with life in Thailand. Everyone bends over backwards to be accommodating  and pleasant, and I’ve fbecome addicted with sweet lemongrass anything.

When we checked into the AETAS Hotel in Bangkok, our home base for  a majority of the trip, we were handed sweet lemongrass water in martini glasses. When we arrived for our authentic Thai massage, we were given more sweet lemongrass water, and I have a sneaking suspicion our feet soaked in even more sweet lemongrass water. After lunch, our tour guide Jerry treated us to a bottled incarnation. The Thais really love that sweet lemongrass.

It’s yummy stuff, very sweet (duh) with a clean and refreshing taste that’s reminiscent of lemon poppyseed bread. Not the most imaginative association, but apt, I swear.

This afternoon is our only down time, so I’m going to get in a cat nap before our Blogger Dinner with the Prime Minister! I’ll be sure to have more interesting things to gab on about than some tasty drink. 🙂