Budget Travel
Summer travel plans can add up. If only there was a web database of promo codes I could search through...

When filling out your online reservations, be they flight or hotel or tour packages etc., there’s usually a promo code box taunting you at the end of your order.

“Yeah, I wish.” Most of us say as we surf on by with out those magically codes of numbers and letters. Especially with the summer travel season underway and the current economy still in a bind, those codes can add up to a heck of a lot of savings…

Well with internet databases like currentcodes.com, you can look up those magically codes and save boatloads.  Everything from Travelocity to Motel 6 to the Bellagio in Vegas has special code deals up on the web. And all codes are verified daily by staff, so you won’t get your hopes up with a bunk code.

It’s sister site dealhunting.com works with some of the same venues, but focuses more on promotions rather than codes, but both resources can help you make that first dent in your summer vacation grand total.

So before checking out online, give currentcodes.com and dealhunting.com a look see to make sure you’re not losing out on any good deals.

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