Orbitz in on the No Oil Guarantee- Extends ’til September

Gulf Coast Vacation
A Gulf Coast Vacation with an Orbitz.com guarantee? Whats have you got to lose?

Yesterday we reported on this Oil Free Guarantee that’s becoming popular throughout the Gulf Coast as a way to boost tourism. Now companies like Orbitz.com is getting in on the action with their own version of a guarantee.

Orbitz announced recently that it has extended the ‘Open Beach Guarantee’ for hotel stays through September 30, 2010.   Under the Guarantee, travelers who make a standalone hotel booking on Orbitz.com at one of the 240 participating hotels along the Gulf will be eligible for a full refund for unused hotel nights if a government agency closes or declares a beach dangerous within 20 miles of the property.

Orbitz continues to provide real-time travel updates for Gulf Coast travelers through its oil spill resource center.  Travelers can find daily updates from the Orbitz Care Center team, detailed trajectory maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), local volunteer opportunities, links to government and tourism websites, and details on the Open Beach Guarantee, including a full list of participating hotels.

And as always, websites like Alabama Tourism’s thebeachfacts.com are a good source for daily updates too.