Complimentary Netbooks Upon Check-In

Comped Netbooks!
Complimentary netbooks for all!

One of Aruba’s favorite love nests, is making it easier than ever for roamers to connect with loved ones back home!

Now when you check in at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts, not only do you get a set of room keys, but you get a complimentary netbook as well! Each of the compact portable computers is equipped with video capabilities, allowing guests to skype just as easily as they can e-mail, log on to Facebook or tweet. Bucuti offers free wireless Internet service throughout the resort along with a free wired connection in guestrooms, making it a breeze to hop online wherever, whenever.

“We understand that sometimes it’s impossible to fully disconnect, even in paradise,” said resort Owner and CEO Ewald Biemans. “While we hope our guests are able to achieve total relaxation during their time with us in Aruba, we also want to provide them with the convenience of an easily accessible Internet connection so they can touch base with friends and family, or even the office if need be.”

The resort also has several webcams, one that broadcasts live streaming videos of Eagle Beach, and two others that update still shots throughout the day. The “Bucuti Cam” has been popular amongst guests for years, as it zooms in to a designated area between 9 – 9:15 a.m. each day, allowing them to have their photo taken and wave to those back home. Prints are also available to order as souvenirs.

“We love that our guests are so passionate about sharing their experiences at Bucuti with others, and we’re happy to have made it as easy as possible to spread the sunshine,” said Biemans.

Complimentary internet has grown from a trend to a necessary accommodation in the days of super connectivity. Lets hope this netbook trend follows suit. I know I’m a bit tired of lugging my laptop around with me… how about you?