Yellow Hibiscus Pua
Pua means flower in Hawaiian

Here’s a great travel tip from Hawaiian resident Maureen Quemada.

Are you spoken for, or are you available? In the Hawaiian Islands the answer is as simple as placing a flower behind your ear. But which ear could lead you into a paradise romance?

The meaning of the flower has not changed since the 1700’s when a member of Captain Cook’s crew recorded both men and women adorning themselves with flowers.

A flower placed behind the left ear means that someone waits for you.A flower placed behind the right ear means you are interested and available. A flower placed behind both ears looks like mischief.

A precaution to the visitor, when a flower is freshly picked, some flowers have a milky substance causing an allergic reaction when placed directly on the skin. It is better to ask before helping yourself.

When in doubt about wearing your flower, you can always remember that left is for love, you are with somebody. Right is for that RIGHT person coming your way to sweep you off your feet in paradise.

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