Urgent: Alabama’s Beaches Are Still Open!!!

Orange Beach, Alabama
Had plans at Orange Beach, Alabama? You can still go!

We have a very important bulletin coming from the great state of Alabama.

No need to put away the sunscreen and cancel your hotel reservations, Alabama’s beaches are still open.

I repeat, the beaches are still open!

“Like all states along the gulf coast, we are closely monitoring the oil spill, but it has not caused any of our beaches to be closed,” said Governor Riley.  “Our beaches remain as open.”

As of June 4th tarballs and small patches of oil have come in, so swimming is ill advised. BUT the beaches are still open to sun bathers and there are many other off shore activities that are still up and running. For boaters, recreational boating waters like Perdido Pass are still available as well.

Apparently there’s been a rogue email out there spreading some different news about Alabama, but we have a contact inside the tourism department letting us know whats what.

We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, but for now go and enjoy all the Yellowhammer State has to offer!

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