And Now a Tip for the Forgetful!

Roma Postcards
Did you happen to forget something in Rome? Photo courtesy of Roma Postcard

Postcards are a common request of travelers. And with all of the lists that need checking and the itineraries and transportation to arrange, postcards are a common thing to forget.

And depending on the size of your postcard request list, postage can get expensive.

Sometimes people tell white lies about their fantastic vacations to impress some office mates,or to get out of a social obligation.

Whatever your situation, the problem is still the same: You didn’t send those postcard!. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a service that sent out handwritten postcards from your destination so the postage matched up?

Well Roma Postcard has the solution to your postage problems. This neat website will hand write a customized message on the postcard of your choice and send it to anywhere around the world. Sneaky, right?

Atonia Cugnigni began capitalizing on a common traveler slip up in 2008 after a mishap involving a wedding, “I was just returning from a business trip in Istanbul the day before and I was tired. I didn’t want to go to this wedding but my friend would not accept that excuse. So I said I had to go to Florence for a job.”

She hopped on the internet to see if someone in Florence would help her out, but no such luck. “I wasn’t able to find anybody! If the shipping postcard service existed, it would have saved my life! So I thought: I must make this service, people who are a little crazy like me will need it and love it.”

And business is booming. Roma Postcards has sent out cards to Belgium, the United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Australia, the United States, and even some postcard within Italy.

Carol*, a women in Indianapolis used the service to cover a white lie she had told at work. “In 13 days Roma Postcard has made me the happiest person. They saved my job and my life with one postcard and $5, and the office also liked the postcard a lot.”

So far the site offers a small selection of postcards from Rome, the Vatican, Florence, Verona and Ravenna.

Cugnigni has big plans to expand. “Soon we will add postcards of Milano, Venezia, Napoli. In the future, we would like to offer the customer postcards from all the mayor cities of Italy. I think it could be very useful for a lot of people.”

The process is simple. Browse the site for the location you need, choose a card, fill out a small online form, and ta-da! you have a handwritten post card in the mail. Roma Postcard makes two major promises: all cards are sent out within 2 days and your secret is safe with them. No company trademarks or signatures or any other hints that you’ve used the service, your privacy is important.

And it’s cheap! The postcards are a steal considering the exchange rate, with prices hovering between $5-7 each. Every purchase, no matter how small, includes free priority shipping with the Poste Italiane.

Pretty sweet deal for the forgetful and/or the people who told a little white lie. Let’s just hope none of your friends remember what your handwriting looks like.

*name changed to protect the sneaky