Travel Tintin Style!

Tintin Destination Travel
Tintin and Snowy are ready to go, are you?

OnTheGo Tours has teamed up with local guides to create some unique travel packages for fans of the famous comic character Tintin.

Destination Tintin Tours were created in collaboration with the right holders of the series, Moulinsart.  Along with local guides, some tours have the added bonus of the Tintinologist.  This representative from Moulinsart points out the creator Hergé’s inspirations as well as a little historical background all along the tour.

So far there are tours for Egypt, Jordan, India and Hergé’s hometown of Brussels. And twenty four books set in various exotic locales, there’s a huge wealth of Tintin adventures to be recreated.

The 10-day Egypt tour’s itinerary is peppered with activities inspired by the books, including hot air balloon rides, visiting the Pyramids and Sphinx, exploring downtown Cairo, sailing down the Nile River, and checking out the Valley of the Kings.  There’s even a 5 day extension available for those who wish to check out the Bahayriyya Oasis or visit the Red Sea.

Tours vary from 3-15 days and as Tintin and his colorful entourage manage to charm just about everybody aged 7 to 77, there are adventures that are more family friendly as well as groups just for adults.