Black Tie Glamour in a Cave?

The Emeraude on the Halong Bay
The Emeraude cruising through the Halong Bay

Picture a cave. Go ahead, think about the typical cave. It’s dark and moist. People go rock climbing and spelunking and get sweaty. Maybe you’re even picturing an ancient cave drawing or two up on the walls. Whatever the mental picture, it’s far from… well, lets say a formal black tie event, no?

Wouldn’t it be cool though? To have some sort of a black tie dinner in an actual cave! What a neat idea.

Wait! Emeraude Classic Cruises actually does that? Cool!

This year Emeraude Classic Cruises is holding it’s annual Wine & Dine trip Saturday May 29th and Sunday May 30th on the Halong Bay in Vietnam.  Since it’s inception in 2005, the popular trip has been billed as a two day trip of unapologetic glamour.

The Emeraude vessel, which has been designed after the iconic colonial paddle ships, cruises by Halong Bay’s limestone karsts and it’s four fishing villages, showcasing Vietnamese natural beauty and local culture.

And the best seat in the house is at the Gala Cave Dinner. Fine dining at it’s best; starched white linens, fancy silverware, and crystal glasses frame  a four-course dinner that mixes the best of local traditional dishes with international cuisine, all within the natural wonders of one of the bays most picturesque grottoes.

So pack up your favorite ball gown and get ready to be spoiled in one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

Gala Dinner at the Grotto
The gorgeous set up for the Gala Dinner at the Grotto

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