Luxury Resort Town Blossoms by the Red Sea

Arrival Piazza
The Arrival Piazza ushers the traveler into a world infused with ancient Egyptian stylings and modern luxury.

Dubai, you’ve officially been put on notice. In Egypt,  a little stretch of beach is looking like the next luxury resort hot spot!

The project is called the Sahl Hasheesh International Resort Community, and is set to cover over 10,000 acres along the shores of the Red Sea.

The mini-city, sometimes called La Mondial, will be a self-contained vacation universe. About 20 hotel and residential buildings are under construction, all within view of the ocean. The Old Town section of the development will have luxury shopping, world famous restaurants, two golf courses, a marina, a water park, a playground, a  medical center, and now there’s even talk of a university!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait about 18 months to get the full Mondial experience.  But there are a few hotels and activities already open to the public.  Check out the Premier Le Reve Hotel and Spa, with a beautiful seaside vista that leads you from the pool right onto the sandy beach. And there’s also a unique deal they call Ultra All Inclusive Standards, which makes all the luxury options a bit more affordable to the budget traveler.

Or you could always take a stroll down the Pharaonic Gate, a walkway designed with the Karnak Temple in Luxor in mind. There’s also a popular snorkeling attraction off the Pier called the Sunken City. Here, tropical fish swim in and out of replica columns and other old world structures. And there’s always the Beach, complete with seaside loungers and chilled drinks! I’d love to curl up in a lounger with a good book and an iced tea right about now, wouldn’t you?

For more information, upcoming resorts and attractions, and the master plan, check out their website Sahl Hasheesh International Resort Community