VoxOx Universal Communicator Has Tools For Travelers

VoxOx by TelCentris is the first and only free consumer service that unfied today’s key communication channels. VoxOx merges voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and more–into a single user interface.

The traveler-related enhancements include:

 International Find Me, Follow Me – New functionality enables users to set up call-forwarding with as many as six separate phone numbers to any location in the world. A VoxOx user can set phone numbers — whether mobile, home or office – to ring simultaneously or sequentially. With this new feature, international travelers can keep their outward facing phone numbers the same, regardless of location – no need to continually update friends and family members of their changing phone coordinates. Previously, VoxOx only supported domestic Find Me, Follow Me capabilities.

 SMS CallBack – SMS CallBack enables VoxOx users to call internationally for pennies per minute from most mobile devices around the globe – no Internet connection required. In his piece, “Calling Home for Even Less”, The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler reviewed VoxOx’s SMS CallBack capability, and dubbed it his favorite new way to call home while traveling. Once the service is set up, a traveler would simply send a text message to a special number to trigger a call to his or her local mobile phone from any supported location. The VoxOx SMS CallBack number has just been upgraded to a memorable “vanity” phone line that travelers can easily remember: (323) 335-5555. Additional SMS CallBack enhancements will be announced in the coming weeks.

     Unlimited Worldwide Calling and Texting Plans – VoxOx recentlydebuted unlimited monthly subscription plans for worldwide calling and  worldwide two-way texting at $12.95 per month and $9.95 per month, respectively. For domestic users, VoxOx’s calling plan rate of $2.45 per month marks the lowest published rate of all leading Internet telephony providers, including being 15 percent lower than Skype’s similar rate.