Virgin Atlantic launches Iphone App for Those Who Fear Flying

Many people have anxiety over flying. Too many people miss out on vacation opportunities or visiting far-away relatives due to a serious fear of flying. For these people, Virgin Atlantic, has released an Iphone app for people afraid of flying.

The program is called Flying Without Fear and can be purchased for $4.99 from the App store on the Iphone or Ipod Touch.

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear team have developed the app with Mental Workout, a company developing mobile applications focused on improving lives by helping people resolve issues and increase mental performance.

The Flying Without Fear app contains a personal introduction by Sir Richard Branson, a video-based in-flight explanation from start to finish of a flight, frequently-asked questions, relaxation exercises and fear therapy, a fear attack button for emergencies with breathing exercises and quick tips, and a “My Program” section where each user can rate their personal fears and add future flights to prepare them for their next trip. As a bonus, the user is offered 2,000 points when joining Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club.