U.S. Travel Industry Announces Employment Increase

The U.S. Travel Association announced modest employment increases in leisure, business and international inbound travel. The U.S. Travel Association is expected to add nearly 90,000 American jobs. Leisure travel is expected to rise 2.0 percent, business travel is expected to increase by 2.5 percent and international inbound travel will increase by nearly 3.0 percent.

A federal economic recovery plan to significantly increase travel and create jobs would include:

  • Passage of the Travel Promotion Act to encourage millions of travelers to visit the United States;
  • Improvements in the visa and entry processes that have largely driven the decline in overseas travel to the United States post-9/11;
  • Funding for a “NextGen” air traffic control system that will limit flight delays, cancellations and negative impact on the environment; and,
  • Encouragement of meetings, events and incentive programs through tax deductions and other mechanisms.

The travel industry employs 7.7 million Americans, supporting out of every eight non-farm jobs in the United States.