Tips For Speeding up The Airport Check-In

The check-in area at the airport can be a hassle. It is often semi-organized chaos. Often, there is confusion over where to go, especially if you purchased tickets online. You are left with the question of, “Do I go straight to the security lines? Do I get my bags checked? Where?”

CNN has asked airline insides and frequent travelers to share their tips for navigating from home to the airport lobby and straight to the security gates.

Start At Home

From your home computer, you can change seats, print out your boarding pass or use most of the features that check-in counter agents can access.

Also, you can now pay your bag fees online. Some airlines charge an additional $5 for bags checked at the airport. If you pay online, you can present your boarding pass and drop your bags with the airline employee who weighs the bag.

Use The Kiosks

A number of people don’t use the automated kiosks. The kiosk should take no more than two minutes; however, many people still don’t use it due to not knowing how to work it.

Get an Electronic Boarding Pass

If you have a cell phone that gets e-mail, you can often download your boarding pass to your mobile device and scan it at the airport.

Frequent Flier Benefits

You can speed things up by using your frequent-flier ID card at the kiosk. If you use this card it stores information such as seat preference, etc.

Choose the right Destination

A lot of travelers at the kiosks attempt to enter in layover cities as a destination. You need only enter the city you are going to end up in.

Bring the Proper Documentation

People worry about packing their suitcases but forget to bring the right paperwork. You should bring a government-issued ID, and for travel outside the country, a passport and possibly a visa.

Put Everything in one Pocket/holder

You don’t want to fumble through your bags or pockets looking for your driver’s license. Having it all in one place will keep you from being the one to hold everyone else up.