Traveling Couple Begins Street Kids Rescue Charity

Party shop business owners Duncan and Alicia Mundell have spent the past 15 years enjoying cruise holidays all over the world. Last year, a trip from Singapore to Mumbai changed their lives, and the live’s of many others.

Half way through the cruise the ship arrive in Burma (Myanmar). The couple chose this particular cruise to visit the country’s ancient temples; however, when traveling through Rangoon, Burma’s capital they were struck by the lively street kids they met. They spent the day with these kids and learned the appalling conditions in which the children lived and the bleak future which awaited them.

This caused Duncan to set up a registered charity on his return to the UK called the Street Kids Rescue. SKR now supports over 500 orphaned and abandoned children in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. Another 100 children receive help through feeding programs, child protection, medical care, and educational funding. The main projects SKR has undertaken are buidling a clinic for children who previously had no access to medical care, constructing a school to replace one destroyed by cyclone Nargis, building an orphanage for 25 children, and funding open hearty surgery for 9 children.

In the future, the charity plans to build a center for disabled children, which will initially cost 20,000 euro. This center will care for children with mental and physical disabilities who will be looked after by specialist, teachers, and physiotherapists. All the monies donated are spent on core activites.

For more information or to make a donation, visit or call 020 8643 5670.